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***Call us at 416 967 5511 to custom order any plants for home or office from 12 - 17 inches in diameter. Various plants available with as little as 1 week notice.*** 

***Free local delivery for all plant and pot orders over $250. Call shop for details. ***


Plants liven up the room and are wonderfully enduring gifts that show how much you care anytime of year! Your local flower shop, THE NEW LEAF FLORIST of Toronto, ON can help you choose the perfect indoor plant variety for anyone or any occasion. With just a little TLC, your gift of live plants can flourish and bring continued enjoyment year after year. Browse our selections for identification of tropical and exotic plants, including colorful Bromeliad and dramatic Dracaena, as well as traditional favorites, like the easy-to-care-for Pothos, Philodendron, etc. Send a living message today with a plant from THE NEW LEAF FLORIST.

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Pet Friendly Plants Page

** Not an official ASPCA list **

Please note that although the following plants are non-toxic, it may still not be safe to let your pet have access to them unattended. They could present choking or other hazards

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